St. Peter State Hospital

**1866 and the Present**


St. Peter State Hospital opened its doors in 1866 to patients that needed treatment from far and wide. The original temporary facility used by patients at St. Peter was the Ewing House. The Ewing House served as a hotel from 1855 to 1862 where it was abandoned and then used as a temporary infirmary for citizens that were wounded in the New Ulm Indian Uprising and also as a home to wounded Civil War veterans. Several temporary buildings were erected to house the increasing number of patients while the permanent facility was under construction from 1868 until the whole of its completion in 1875. Some of the temporary buildings stayed in use until January of 1885 since there were always incoming patients.

The St. Peter State Hospital legacy still lives on today as the St. Peter Regional Treatment Center. Instead of treating people for idiocy, imbecility, suppressed menses, masturbation and mania, they now treat people with mental illnesses, chemical dependency issues, and they also provide pathological gambling services, adult aftercare services, and relapse prevention services.


Brittney Shilson